About the Choreographer

Choreographer Catherine Gallant has been creating work for more than 30 years.

Catherine Gallant /DANCE was formed in 2000 after Ms. Gallant began working with her present group of dancers, creating works ranging from solos to large group dances.

Ms. Gallant’s work often explores themes of chance, doubt and the body as a source of comfort and torment. In addition to traditional theatrical settings, Ms. Gallant has created works to be performed in train stations, abandoned piers, rose bushes, church balconies, in the middle of streets, at the beach, in soccer fields and on rooftops.

Recently Catherine Gallant/DANCE has been seen at The Figment Festival, Chashama, GreenSpace and at the 92nd Street Y.

Since 2007 we have focused on non-traditional sites for our work. Our goals include cultivating new audiences for dance and building an awareness of dance in the fabric of everyday life in both urban and natural environments.

Unusual Spaces

After performing in traditional indoor venues, it seems clear that true advocacy for our art form needs to include more performance events which take place in the public arena where potential dance audiences are waiting.

CG at Anita's Way
CG at Anita’s Way


still from video Luna Hirai
still from video
Luna Hirai

photo: Melanie Futorian

photo: Melanie Futorian